Motormax Left Turn Alarm - Part of the DVS package

Left Turn Alarm from Motormax - part code MMAVR15-L. Sounds an audio warning when the left indicator is engaged and the vehicle is stationary or low speed to prevent nearside collisions.

The Direct Vision Standard requires requires that a Left Turn Alarm is fitted to the HGV vehicle so that pedestrians and cyclists have an audio warning of an impending left turn being made by the vehicle. A cyclist or pedestrian may move into a blind spot area along the nearside unbeknownst to the drive. The left turn alarm sounds the warning "Caution! This vehicle is turning left!" while the vehicle is stationery or at low speed to help prevent a collision from occurring. Motormax supply and fit Left Turn Alarms for this purpose. Call us for pricing and click for the Left Hand Turn Alarm MMAVR15-L specification.
Motormax Left Turn Alarm and mirrors for London Direct Vision DVS standard