CAN controlled extra functionality

In a conventional towing situation with parking sensors, the sensors will detect the trailer when reverse gear is selected, giving a continuous buzzer sound.

With Motormax Double Engage parking sensors when reverse gear is selected twice with 3 seconds our unique program recognises there is a trailer attached to the vehicle, disabling the sensors.

Motormax Double Engage Sensors

Motormax Parking Sensors

Motormax parking sensors and fittings give the body builder the most comprehensive range of solutions available. We offer dedicated front kits, waterproof specifically for refrigerated vehicles, and rubberised heads for rear steps. Owing to the curved shape of the modern vehicle we have flat and angled head kits. Motormax have also designed our own exclusive sensor display.

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Motormax Rubberised sensors for steps

Positioned into the rear step, these sensors heads will undoubtedly take an occasional impact from general day to day vehicle access. For that reason Motormax supply rubber collared sensor surrounds to step manufacturers giving them peace of mind they will be resilient enough for the job.

Rubberised Step Sensors

Motormax in-house design

6.2" Professional choice Mirror Monitor

Introducing the Motormax 6.2" Mirror Monitor - the monitor to compliment the design of the modern van. Originally requested by a body builder searching for a modern design which is not as large as the conventional common choice on the market.

Motormax rose to the challenge, designing developing a solution with the factory to create the 6.2" monitor now being mass fitted by fleet body builders.

6.2" Professional Look Mirror Monitor