AI System - BSD

AI Systems

  • AI system are designed for incident prevention.
  • Allows connectivity of Blind Spot Detection, Lane Departure System & Driver Awareness Camera.
  • High precision sensing algorithm, real time analysis and alarm.
  • Data can be automatically uploaded and stored to the evidence centre.
  • Compatible with our DVR range. (Excludes 5 Channel)
  • Can be connected to an external monitor.


Included in this Package

  1. AI System
  2. BSD
  3. Visual Display

BSD - Blind Spot Detection

  • Blind spot detection is designed to eliminate incidents caused through lack of vision in the blind spot.
  • Connects to visual display to alert the driver of any hazards.
  • 1080p Camera resolution.
  • These events can automatically be uploaded to the evidence centre, this can help create driver behaviour profiles.
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