Factory fitted look reversing cameras

Designed to seamlessly replace the boot handle or number plate light, our reversing cameras are the professional finish for your vehicle.

Connecting to the dash screen via our interface packages, many cameras support steering-linked moving guidelines to aid parking and manoeuvring.

Eliminating Blindspots

The rear view mirror only reveals half the story of potential obstructions behind the vehicle. The camera allows a full view behind, revealing more than what sensors can alone. See potential dangers ahead of time, and many cameras integrate parking guide lines onto the dash screen or mirror monitor.

Reversing camera range

Motormax trusted range

The largest supplier of Parking Sensors in the UK

Offering the most trusted and widest sensor range, including our Double Engage capability for towing situations, there are many reasons why we're the largest supplier of parking sensors in the UK.

Choose from flat headed and angled heads in matte (colour codable) or gloss finish. We also supply a front dedicated kit that uses CAN information to auto-engage at low speeds to aid parking and rolling queue situations.

Motormax designed

The Professional Look

Designed in-house by Motormax, our slim visual display compliments the modern vehicle interior with a slick gloss finish. Coloured LEDs indicate proximity to work in conjunction with the warning sound alarm.

Motormax Design parking sensor display

Heated Seats

Motormax supply three choices of heated seat fitting giving the customer the option of a rocker or press type button, as well as two larger heat pads or four smaller pads. This allows for basic and more complex style seat shapes.

Rocker style buttons allow for two heat settings, and press style buttons allow for three.

See our heated seat range