Motormax on-site

The Biggest Machines with the Smallest Field of view

Demanding environments require rugged solutions.
Look no further than our range for industrial plant.

Motormax Parking Sensors

Motormax parking sensors and fittings give the body builder the most comprehensive range of solutions available. We offer dedicated front kits, waterproof specifically for refrigerated vehicles, and rubberised heads for rear steps. Owing to the curved shape of the modern vehicle we have flat and angled head kits. Motormax have also designed our own exclusive sensor display.

See our parking sensor range

Motormax DVR Solutions

Live & Non-Live DVR

Motormax offer a large range of both live and non-live DVR recording solutions. We will work with you to create the perfect solution for your requirements.

Live & Non-Live DVR

Durable for the harshest of environments

All of our products have been developed to withstand the most challenging of UK weather and environments. IP68 rated with over-seal connections, our tech is protected from anything thrown at it. Our sensors are the choice of some of the largest conversion companies in the UK, an accolade built on quality and reliable product. Our cameras have the best instructions and installation support there is.

Removing blind spots with audio and visual warnings

Know exactly where pedestrians, cyclists and potential hazards are all of the time with Motormax's range of sensory equipment. We only use quality lenses for high resolution image capture, enabling the operator to have full 360 degree awareness around the vehicle. The image shows on our quad view monitor where, if connected to our live DVR system, messages can appear for the driver from managment.