Safety for all

Motormax supply and fit safety systems to trucks of all types, solo and fleet. Our equipment ensures businesses, drivers, pedestrians and other road users are safer when the vehicle is use and that all current, and known upcoming legislation like the Direct Vision Standard, is covered.

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We have a rich history of developing, supplying and fitting sensor equipment dating back 25 years in the industry. Our expertise can enable you to have the most comprehensive detection systems onboard your trucks.

Internal and External Monitoring
Motormax sensors are built to last and remain reliable over time, watching over external proximity to objects and people from all directions. Inside the cab we offer a comprehensive suite of driver behaviour monitoring systems detecting fatigue, illegal mobile phone use and other activities.

Motormax ADAS and DSM



Motormax offer a large range of both live and non-live DVR recording solutions. We will work with you to create the perfect solution for your requirements.

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As well as connecting to DVR units, multiple cameras can be connected to cab-based screens. Multi-triggered monitors allow full screen camera views and  simultaneous multi-screen views modes, enabling the diver to have a far better sense of environmental dangers around the vehicle. 

If desired, camera views auto-switch on when indicators or gears are selected, or multi-views can be set to 'always on' if preferred.

Motormax Monitors

Understanding the issues

Superior height over traffic has its advantages from behind the wheel in cab, but elsewhere on the vehicle it is problematic. Motormax equipment enables blind spot areas to be eliminated and an HGV to qualify for DVS legislation.

Blind Spot Side Camera

Fitting a side camera to the cab ahead of the door access allows the entire side of the vehicle to be viewable by the driver, and a DVR system if fitted. Multiple functionality is available, from continuous viewing to indicator-activated, all giving the driver the confidence that a pedestrian or cyclist has entered dangerous proximity to the maneuvering vehicle without the driver's knowledge. 

High Quality image capture

Motormax's range of truck cameras are robust for the demanding conditions they will need to endure. Footage needs to be of high quality, especially if later relied upon as evidence.

Cameras available feature AHD, non-AHD, with or without night vision and with a variety of viewing angles and resolutions allowing us to provide to a client the best tailored package for their project.