Ford Sync 2.5 & 3 Kit Coming Soon!

Compatible with 3 & 2.5

The Motormax SYNC interface is compatible with both Sync 3 and Sync 2.5 software versions out of the box. Often there is confusion when identifying the correct version which can lead to the incorrect product being supplied. With our solution if the vehicle is fitted with a Sync system you are good to go regardless of the software version.

Ford OBD Blocking
Over the past couple of years Ford have begun to fit OBD blockers to their vehicles. This is causing problems when using OBD coding dongles. The Motormax Sync solution does not require coding as it is fully plug and play.

DVR Integration
Our solution is compatible with both NTSC and PAL camera systems. This allows for integration with our DVR systems, displaying multiple cameras on the vehicle’s factory screen. The most popular application of this feature is for the rear camera to be shown when the vehicle engages reverse as well as the side cameras to show when the indicators are active. This is a huge benefit as it removes the need for additional monitors in the vehicle giving a factory look and feel to the system.


Safetymax is Motormax's new comprehensive range of audible and visual warning safety systems. Offering up to 9 warning images together with a voice prompt, such as "Warning! Hand brake deployed!”, or “Warning! Rear door open!”.
Safetymax warning products can be used alone or combined with other Motormax systems, such as our 360° obstacle detection into the OEM factory. For peace of mind and liability coverage, integrate your Safetymax features into the Motormax Live DVR viewing platform.
SafetyMax systems compatible with Ford vehicles will be available later in the year.