Parking Sensors Angled Front Kit

Finish Type Matt or Gloss
Volume & Sensitivity Adjustment Yes
Sensor Head Size 23mm
Colour Code Friendly Yes
Detection Range 0.2 - 1.5m
Hole Saw Size 18.3mm
Additional Features Anti Hook, Adjustable Collar


The front kit is designed to operate via the brake switch or an accessory canbus module.
(We highly recommend using a CAN bus module)

Speed Activation

The sensors are designed to operate at low speeds, this enables the sensors to automatically operate below 8MPH. This avoids false alarming during general road use.

Handbrake Feature

The front parking sensors will only be active whilst the hand brake is disengaged. This will stop the sensors from alarming whilst stationary.

Traffic Obstruction Mute

If the sensors see an obstruction for a consistent 4 seconds the sensors will automatically mute. This is to avoid continuous alarming whilst in close proximity traffic.


Please Note: These features are only available when fitted alongside a CAN unit.

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