10% Off Motormax Heated Seats

Ready for the cold winter mornings?

10% off Motormax Carbon Fibre Heated Seats

As the winter months draw closer and the mornings get colder, this is the ideal time to fit Motormax Carbon Fibre Heated Seats. For the month of November, Motormax is offering 10% OFF all heated seats.

Why choose carbon fibre?

Instead of copper heating wires, carbon fibres are woven into the heating mats. The benefit of this is that unlike copper, they ensure 100% even heat distribution, whilst our PCB guarantees continuous heat flow. Not only that, with conventional copper heating wires, if a wire becomes damaged the whole mat is broken. If a carbon fibre strand is damaged, the mat will continue to function.

Retrofit to OEM equivalent

With a choice of pads and heat settings, our system can be retrofitted to create an OEM equivalent.

Key benefits

– Heating pads for the backrest and seat
– Can be tailored to fit any size and seat form
– Two/three stage heating for fuel efficiency


Easy installation

The pads and switches can be installed in any vehicle. A smooth installation means they will integrate into the seat base and all you will see is a discreet switch.