Introducing Safetymax

We can now offer a comprehensive range of audible and/or visual warning safety systems. They can display up to 9 warning images together with a voice prompt, informing the driver that something requires immediate attention before proceeding to drive.

These warning systems can be combined with our detection systems allowing for a flexible array of products for all requirements. Obstacle detection notification can be by way of camera overlay and/or our 360° parking sensor technology.

Warning Alerts

We can provide 9 pre-programmed alert images that can be displayed on screen. These images are unique and can be designed in conjunction with the client. In addition there can be an optional voice prompt that can be provided as part of any solution. Once the alert has been actioned and resolved the screen will return to its normal display state.

This technology can be integrated into a factory OEM screen, or a universal display, to provide drivers the best all round solution for visibility whilst manoeuvring a vehicle.

Camera Overlay

Our technology allows us to provide a platform that looks as a factory fitted solution. We bring together camera viewing combined with our parking sensor technology, to give the driver enhanced visibility whilst manoeuvring a vehicle.

The solution offers 2 video inputs which can be triggered individually, thus allowing for 2 cameras (example: a rear and a side camera). If this is integrated with our DVR system, we can increase the camera triggers accordingly – up to a maximum of 8.

360° Detection System

We have specifically developed sensor solutions with the ambition to offer the safest, most informative sensor detection system in the UK.

This detection system uses anywhere from 4 to 16 ultrasonic sensors to provide the driver a clear indication of obstacles around the vehicle below a pre-defined vehicle speed.

The visual display uses a traffic light system at fixed points around the vehicle, allowing drivers of any nationality to understand the display and stay at a safe distance whilst manoeuvring.

Universal Fitment

Through our continual R & D we have designed a safety solution with the largest scope in mind. We have thoroughly considered all end user requirements and designed fitments for all vehicle types. The images for warnings, alerts and camera view can be displayed on any aftermarket screen including a range of factory displays. 

Live Platform Connected

As a “connected” vehicle via the Live view DVR, Motormax can integrate the warning system through to the report suite on the live software.

This will enable the operator to:

⦿ View events from the warning system in realtime on the Motormax live view software.

⦿ View historical events from the warning system.

⦿ Export historical events from the warning system to a spreadsheet.

⦿ Build driver behaviourial profiles.